HacktoberFest Prep!

I came across a API for Rick and Morty data.. https://github.com/afuh/rick-and-morty-api
There is a python wrapper for it called ramapi which could be cool to work on as well. It would be interesting to make an API for something someday, this is a good way to see how it can be done. https://github.com/curiousrohan/ramapi

Here is a front end web page example of some of the data you can get from the Rick and Morty API


  • I have made changes to ramapi’s readme. (Typos)
  • I want to make a front end web page to display character & location data from the API
  • I want to try and make a searchByName(name) function that will search for the information given the name of the character
  • I think it would be interesting to develop an API someday and this is a good place to start learning how that is done

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