Pull Request to ethereum’s web3.py

Last week I was interested in the rickandmortyapi because it gave me a path to figuring out how API’s are built and work to fetch data. This week I have decided to work on ethereums generic API python wrapper called web3.py..

Ethereums web3.py project was requesting that somebody go in and change a load of modules method names to snake_case so that they had a more pythonic styling.
I chose the GethPersonal module and changed all the method names from camelCase to Snake_Case.. Also, I updated the docs for that module to include the changes.

The different tasks I ended up doing to implement this was:

  1. Add deprecation warnings to old methods tests , and add new snake_case method tests.
  2. Add snake_case methods to GethPersonal class.
  3. Update the docs.
  4. Add new snake_case methods to the eth_tester and deprecate old methods.

link to issue I made here
link to pull request I created here

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