Final PR of Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is over!
Here is my status on the hacktoberfest webpage

Last week I submitted my first PR to which added a clear button to the settings editors searchbar.

This week I was having trouble finding an issue. I decided to stick with vscode and build on top of my previous PR from last week. I opened my text editor and the files that I worked on previously were already sitting there opened. I was familiar with the code I had added, so , I started to read it and realized it could be better. The code I had produced from last week introduced a duplicate function that I personally had put there to just get the initial PR from last week working and running.. It was only until I had read it a second or third time I realized I could have made some improvements to the code. And so, I made the fixes, committed it, tested it, pushed it.. and just like that I magically produced a PR ready to submit as my final PR for Hacktoberfest!
Link to PR –
Link to Issue –

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